Monday, December 27, 2004

Charles Dickens

Because he wrote A Christmas Carol. Because he was a master of the written word. Because he has a whole feeling of a time and a city named after him. Because he's important. Because I bet he'd be nice enough to invite you over for dinner and shop talk.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Star Trek: The Original Series

who can really choose who to love most amongst the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series?

Oh sure, Captain Kirk has his charms, and we've all been there done that.

Mr. Spock, sexy steel eyed, emotionless, logical. You might be the gal (or guy) to make him crack a smile.

Uhura, oh, Uhura, with those short skirts and that lovely smile. She can "communicate" with me anytime.

"Bones", well, that might mean more than one thing, if you know what I mean...

And Sulu, let's not forget Sulu. Remember the one with him and the epee!

Let's just say we have a crush on all 420 crew members of the Starship Enterprise. I swear I won't call you a slut.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

First Crush!

This weeks crush, HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, comes in the form of a tortured Chinese love story. Beautifully shot, sublime acting by actors who are, all three, tres easy on the eyes.

There's everything a gal could desire: sword play, love, war.

I keep hoping that in one of these movies, they're all going to live happily ever after, but, well, a gal can't have everything.

as an added bonus, as I entered the cineramadome to fall in love with this movie, I saw Viggo Mortensen, who is always crushworthy and certainly would have been on the crush list if I were keeping tabs then.