Sunday, December 14, 2008



photo by lucianvenutian

the needle on the groove
scratch, scratch perfect
warbling voice
singing a love song

small speaker with a loud heart

Friday, July 04, 2008

My Friends


Oh, friends. Close friends.
How I love you.
Your bright smiles
and funny jokes that make me laugh
Your hands to hold while in a crowd
Your shoulders that I weep on when I am sad
Your strength that always shines bright
when the world seems dark

Oh, friends. Close friends.
You are so beautiful
I am in awe of your wonderfulness
You are such excellent people
With such large hearts

Oh, friends. Close friends.
I adore you
Here are my arms to hug you
My shoulder to cry on
My body and spirit to lean on

Oh, friends. Close friends.
Nothing better in the world than you

Thursday, April 17, 2008

fancy ladies


photo from the The Library of Congress

Oh, the ladies like you and me
With our hats and pumps and lipstick
Oh, you, and me
Fancy, fancy
With our pretty little dresses
With darts and pleats
Swishing from here to there
We are fanciest
When we have grace and poise
And generous hearts
We are so beautiful then
That we know how to whoosh!
Oh, I do so like to be fancy!
And so do you!
My friends! We are fancy!
With our hair all done in a 21st century cut
Wearing a smart vintage hat, for flair!
You have a boa around your neck 
And I wear white kid gloves to be complicated
Your skirt is pencil thin
I am wearing a dress that bounces
When we swing our hips from side to side
The gentlemen look at us
I'll take the one with the hat

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moleskine Notebooks

photo by samcrockett

Oh, you blank thing
You, with the lines, or graphs, or nothings
Little black book
Full of ideas
Phone numbers
Future novels
Grocery lists
I will take you all over the world
I will scribble the things I overhear
I will pour my heart into you
You fit perfectly into my messy purse
Oh, you blank thing
I will fill you up
And then go buy another

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gama Go


Oh! Gama-go!

How I love you completely
your little ninja kitty
tiger lily
gama go bird
Oh how I love your t-shirts
track jackets
and boxer shorts
Oh, Yeti!
Oh, Owl!
Oh, bestill my heart!
Your wonderful colors
never disappoint
You are truly a wonder
Gama-go, I love you!