Thursday, October 05, 2006


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Oh Cars. Cars. How sweet for travelling distances you are!
I like when you work, roll forward and brake.
I like when you take me from my home to eat steak!
I think you pollute the air and the land.
Wish I could afford a hybrid, perhaps one day I can!
Meanwhile, I need you in the city of L.A.
I might drive on highways
It could happen!
One day!


slatts said...

I love walking
but everything's too far
that's why I got me
this wonderful car
it's actually a van
a minivan, you see
cuz a whole lotta stuff
and my friends ride with me!

Nikita said...

when i walk on my own
i can be truly alone
and think things far away
and ponder on my day

I can contemplate life,
think of cease and stife,
call upon my soul
be truly alone

i can dig deep within,
swiling of thoughts begin,
my mind spirals around
in a wondrous lofty cloud

And explodes in brilliance,
A sudden sweet radiance,
my mind filled with hope
mighty great scope (what rhymes with hope???"

But everything disappears,
as life reappears
and i got to go on,
through the crowd,
and come back down to earth.

Oh, when i walk alone!