Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Snow

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photo by Serge Arsenie

Oh, you winter snow! Oh, you white fluff!
When i come in from the cold my skin is cold!
Then I drink a warm hot chocolate and all is well.
Oh, how lovely and quiet it is when you fall in big fat flakes.
Oh, how you cover the world with your majesty!
Snow. Snow. Snow.
Forming ice at times on trees.
Always breathtakingly beautiful
Like a ladies fine lace shawl.
Snow, i have not known you all these years I have been away
And I will tell you that it's true
that despite your frigidity
You have my heart
And I miss you

1 comment:

slatts said...

Seems Mother Nature wants to make it up to you. What with all you've missed. Big doses of it.

Be careful of that thin California blood. Dress warm!