Saturday, December 31, 2005


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Because this year I am getting a lot of it.
Because it gets quiet when it falls
Because you have to move in closer
Because when you come in from it you are warm and cold
Because it makes everything look like a cathedral
Because you can play in it
Because it's beautiful.

Snow. I love you.


paulc said...

Its pure till it hits the ground :)

Anonymous said...

I love;

John Lennon because he is outrageously cool.

Snow. Because it is pretty and somehow melting it down to make hot chocolate seems to make the experience more magical.

Alice in Wonderland, because I am reading the whole book now and it is so ridiculous it is dicronculous.

You. For reading books and being cool and being just so Fabulous. :)


cc said...

Ooh. Hot chocolate from fresh snow. mmmmm. something to try the next time I'm in winter.

thanks for the sweet post!

and happy new year.

paulc said...

To day was a good day, spent the time in local mountains, with old friends, did an area we had charged round when we were younger, we took are time to day:), started out very early saw Ice crystals forming in air only ever seen once before, very cool also very magical :)