Monday, January 30, 2006


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Majestic and wonderful.
Tall and mighty.
Strong and fine.
Pushing against each other.
Holding the world up.
I rest my cheek against your peaks.
And throw my arms up in the sky.

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Anonymous said...

I think mountains do more of a weigh the world down thing than supporting anything but air. And at that, they support even less air in a column than you or I because they simply extend further into the atmosphere.

Just think: you're doing more work than mountains do. :)

They are also: disconcertingly overshadowing, only a few miles high and I never saw one do any exercise in my life,- I agree that they push eachother way too much.

The way they mash their way into the clouds is just so cool, but you have to live thousands of years to adequately observe the empirical effects.

Your cheek is too small to rest against a mountain's peak, it would be more beautiful to scale a mountain at night and fall asleep while counting the bright stars with your friends.

The very act of throwing (an) object(s) is accomplished through physical exertion of the upper limbs themselves, often involving utilization of one or more opposable digits with the assistance of many others.

oh and to complete a throw the object must leave the entire previously occupied space...

no im not high, just very entropy-oriented.